Meet Lisa

Lisa Cole specializes in Urban Dallas Real Estate, with an emphasis in Modern and Contemporary Homes. Although stylistically very different, contemporary and modern homes appeal to her because of the clean lines and decluttered open spaces.

Lisa, originally from Kansas, later moved with her family to sunny Palm Springs where she grew up around “desert modernism”, which is the style the resort town is known for. Lisa has real estate and design in her blood, as her father was a commercial developer who was heavily into architecture and design, and her mother was an interior decorator. From a very young age, she has been surrounded by real estate and new construction in Las Vegas, Palm Springs, and Phoenix.

“I grew up around entrepreneur’s, real estate and creativity. I can’t imagine having a 9 to 5 job or doing anything mundane or routine. I love that I have the opportunity to work in Dallas, which is such a dynamic and changing market” says Lisa.

Although not originally from Texas, she’s a Texan at heart. Lisa says “I love the energy of Dallas. It’s a city full of free thinkers and doers. It’s so Cosmopolitan too. When Dallas sets its mind to do something, it’s done.”

After investing in her own commercial and residential projects for over 10 years, Lisa decided to get her real estate license and sell residential real estate full time in Dallas. She works with VIVO Realty, a boutique real estate company in East Dallas.

Lisa’s a “people pleaser” and her goal is to provide her clients with personalized service and attention to detail so she can match them with their dream home. “Realtors have to compete with Zillow and today. I think people want to find an expert, which is something they can’t get from these sites” states Lisa.

When Lisa’s not selling real estate, you can find her hanging out at a happy hour in Uptown or East Dallas, spending time with her son Henry the pug, working out at Barry’s or Equinox, going for a run on the Katy Trail, or even attending an art show.